Tutorials I Watched Today

I created this blog to be a sort of ‘companion’ to a more collected, refined portfolio, in which I share a little bit of my insights as I puzzle things out in the creative process and show how I get there every once in a while.

It dawned on me that I also created it to motivate myself just to create more, and just spend more time doing things so that I have something to show for it. In the spirit of keeping myself motivated to maintain an active blog, I’m going to start sharing the tutorials that I’ve been watching and practicing.

I’ll post as I complete them, as if I find a beefier one (something with a run-time of 3 or more hours), I might not get through them all in one day.

I’m paying for a Lynda.com subscription so not everything I watch will be available at no cost.

Today I watched “Drawing and Painting in Photoshop – The Great Training” by Daniel Lieske. I watched this through Lynda.com.

Link: https://www.lynda.com/Photoshop-tutorials/Drawing-Painting-Photoshop-Great-Training/197535-2.html

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