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My name is Matthew Neidig.

I am a student in the IUPUI School of Informatics, specializing in Media Arts & Sciences.

I am currently employed in a dispatch center.


I am an illustrator, a designer, an artist that specializes in world-building through character and environmental works. I’m drawn toward the fantastic and heroic, inspired by the traditional tales of good and evil, heroism over villainy, and triumph over struggle as pivotal elements of memorable storytelling. I am also interested in commercial, up to and including promotional imagery and branding.

I decided to start this blog to motivate myself to continue creating and then showcasing the things I’ve done. Because I’m very much interested in how creative types learn and hone their craft, I want this blog to serve as a peak into the development of project from its beginnings to its completion.

I intend to post about the creative process, the things I’m learning from becoming more comfortable with that process, and sharing that with others.

I was born in Kingston, PA as the oldest of three siblings. We moved around a lot because my father was in the Army, and my brother and sister were born in Indiana and South Carolina. After my father retired, he decided Indiana was such a nice state that we moved back and settled in Indianapolis, where I’ve lived ever since.  In my spare time I enjoy Marvel movies and Blizzard video games, table top games, writing, good food and local breweries.



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