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Character Concept – Dayon

Fleshing out (heh) the physicality of an undead character. He’s severely emaciated and picking out where bones should be prominent or even visible through the surface of his skin is pretty fun.


Baron Sigar Dreadhowl, Architect of the Undying Line


In life, none were more loyal to the crown of Lordaeron than the knight who would follow his prince into undeath.  When the fallen prince of Lordaeron became the Lich King, the knight was made into Sigar Dreadhowl, a Death Knight known for a piercing, soul-shattering wail that rivaled that of any Banshee in the Scourge’s employ.

Although the Lich King would fall, Sigar feigned enmity toward his former master, infiltrating the Horde and waited. Through subtle machination, he convinced a band of heroes– veterans of the Horde banded together to stand against any and all that threatened it– to bring about the return of the Lich King’s unholy reign. They learned too late what their actions had wrought.

They were the first to stand against the ascension of an even more powerful Lich King, and as reward for their valor, were the first to fall.

Rewarded for his duplicity and loyalty, Sigar Dreadhowl was named Baron of the Scourge, bestowed with the Helm of Dominion, and tasked to server as the Lich King’s own right hand.

His first act as Baron of the Scourge– Raising the heroes he had deceived and slain into the Lich King’s greatest champions.

This piece was a long time coming.  Each of these are taking longer and longer to finish. I aim to be swifter from this point out, but I may put this project on ice for a bit and work on some different things that don’t require as much research and planning.

I’ve begun streaming more regularly, and I’m putting most of my new stuff on Patreon where they sit for a week while patrons have first look at them.  Then I’ll upload them here. Here’s how you can keep track of what I’m working on:

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Scourge Champions – Mythellion pt. 2


Gotta admit, I fell off the boat in a bad way. I’m terribly out of practice, but the piece is starting to come together.

A friend showed me how she made some real crisp lines, and all it took was the lasso tool and ‘delete key to really ‘carve’ out the edges.

This is as far as I got before I needed to rest my eyes. I’m happy with the progress, though!

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Scourge Champions – Mage: Mythellion the Ley Lich

Been a while since I last updated.

School’s back up again and I’ll be posting up the things I’m working on in addition to coursework.

In the meantime I’m working on an illustration project where I turn members of my WoW guild into Scourge Champions, inspired by the new Hearthstone Expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne.

MythScourgeProgFirst up is Mythellion Highbrook’s transformation into an undying champion of the Scourge. In life, he was a studious elf obsessed with unraveling the mysteries of Azeroth’s ley lines. In death, he is driven to consume them. In his bid to satiate his hunger, he lead the Scourge to invade Coldarra, drive the blue dragonflight into extinction, and bath himself in the rampant energies of the ley lines.
He emerges as the Ley Lich, a powerful undead sorcerer. In order to contain his raw power, he has fastened a harness crafted from Coldarra’s floating stones, girded with the black metal of Saronite, and bound in arcane chains.

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Reference for Digital Figurization

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a little busy! I haven’t yet started on my Favreau sketch. Burned through my free days last week by going to the movies two days in a row, got started with a busy work week on Wednedays, dealt with car troubles over the weekend, and now I’m starting a new course as of yesterday– Reference for Digital Figurazation with a professor I admire a great deal.

Collecting reference photos is a skill too few people in this school understand, hence why my professor is conducting this course.

Each day I have to produce a final drawing based on photographic and anatomical references, so I’ll post those:

Here’s Monday’s final piece, my Undead Warrior from WoW

Unrelated, I canned my WoW subscription for a little while.


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