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Character Sheets

Character Sheets I developed to produce reference models of two characters I intend to use for a future project based on the Warcraft franchise.


Rokkhan in Color

Was planning a trip to TN to meet a friend. Not feeling up to it but I’m hoping this doodle of his Troll in Warcraft makes up for it.

I need to do some non-Warcraft subjects.

Created in Photoshop.

January Sketch Dump

I’m behind again in uploading my sketches.

The idea is that my sketches go on my Patreon for a week and then go public in a week, which is when I should be moving them here.

So let’s get back on that bandwagon, shall we?


These sketches were done during my twitch stream.  I take requests from the audience throughout the night and my patrons over at Patreon.

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