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Ink Drill – Scavengers

Just wanted to ink something. Also wanted to avoid Warcraft / Fantasy for a bit. These characters scavenge destroyed mechs for supplies.


Photoshop Paint Study

Sunday nights at my job are notoriously slow.  I worked on a branding project I’m doing for a friend and after I finished that, I wanted to play with blending colors in Photoshop.

It’s fun when you get the hang of it. I played around with changing the Opacity and Flow Jitters in the Transfer Settings of the Brush Tool. Ended up having the Opacity Jitter turned off and the Flow Jitter controlled by pen pressure.

When I got to shading, I think I had the opacity set to about 60%. Rocky Surface.png

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Sketch Dump of Elves and Demons

Holding my own in the office this morning. My usual coworker is out sick and the one who came in tonight in her place left a couple of hours ago after the bulk of the work was done. So I’ve been on my own here since about 4AM and had some time to sketch.

I’m being bad. These are purely from my head when I should be sketching from what I see instead. I guess I just felt like drawing some Warcraft elves. The elves are some of my Warcraft toons. The demon was an antagonist for a story I was developing with a WoW guild. His name is Xel’nastar the Revanchist.

Sketched with a ballpoint pen.

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Warcraft – Goblin Engineer Pt. 4

Wheegil 3

I honestly thought that I’d put down all the flats and be done, but then I decided to play with shading and highlights on the skin tone. Now it practically begs to give the rest of the character the same treatment. So much for a stopping point, but at least I can play around and maybe end up with a painted work to show off.

Warcraft – Goblin Engineer Pt. 2


What I love about working overnight is the blocks of time I have after I finish reports where it’s just dead and I only get a call every 20-30 minutes. I spent the last couple of hours listening to stand up comedy specials on Netflix while working on the lineart of this piece.

The player whose character this is resorts to some armor choices in-game because they’re simply the best available option. Armor generally sucks on Goblins because the assets get scrunched on their tiny in-game models. Puzzling out the character’s aesthetic with the player was fun, though.

I’m pleased with the gloves and the wear and tear. He’s pleased with the boots and the ears. Everything’s shaping up.

From a technical aspect, though, there’s this annoying thing going on where my eraser is too… round. It ends up making some lines look super spider-y. I don’t know how else to describe it. I either need a more precise eraser, or one with less of a harsh flow. I might experiment with that.