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Warcraft – Goblin Engineer Pt. 2


What I love about working overnight is the blocks of time I have after I finish reports where it’s just dead and I only get a call every 20-30 minutes. I spent the last couple of hours listening to stand up comedy specials on Netflix while working on the lineart of this piece.

The player whose character this is resorts to some armor choices in-game because they’re simply the best available option. Armor generally sucks on Goblins because the assets get scrunched on their tiny in-game models. Puzzling out the character’s aesthetic with the player was fun, though.

I’m pleased with the gloves and the wear and tear. He’s pleased with the boots and the ears. Everything’s shaping up.

From a technical aspect, though, there’s this annoying thing going on where my eraser is too… round. It ends up making some lines look super spider-y. I don’t know how else to describe it. I either need a more precise eraser, or one with less of a harsh flow. I might experiment with that.

Warcraft – Goblin Engineer


I’m offering to do a quick character sketch of a friend’s Warcraft character, a Goblin Hunter styled as an Engineer. The point of this exercise is to establish a reasonable turnaround time so that when I begin offering commissions, I can give a timeframe.

And I’ve been awful about timing myself. Let’s say this is an hour and a half’s work.


Here is a side-by-side of the Undead Huntress’ first pass in line art and then the finished version.


Jesus, what a radical difference. One is very clearly a labor of effort, discipline, and attention, and the other lacks all of that and shows. Now I’m just embarrassed that I considered the lineart on the left to have been worthy for a turn-in.

Warcraft – Undead Huntress Final

Bibi Reference Final

I’ve brought myself to a stopping point with the reference sheet of my friend’s Undead Hunter character from Warcraft.

I’m happy with how the colors work. There might still be a few loose ‘threads’ here and there along some of the edges, but all in all, I’m pleased with the outcome of this one.

I plan to expand this reference sheet with some other visual aids, such as the character’s Saronite talons. Maybe some arrows.

Full-size Images:
Field Colors
Undercity Colors

Undead Huntress Pt. 6

Bibi Prog 4

Base colors finished.

All art forms take discipline, but I think mastering it is about identifying where it is. So far, I’m learning that organization is key in Photoshop mastery. I find myself sometimes losing track of what’s being done in a certain layer, or forgetting to switch to another layer when I’m working on a different part of the piece.

Going to have to revisit this, though. There are some differences I’m noticing on her right arm from the front and back view.


Undead Huntress Pt. 5

Bibi Prog3

The character is finally starting to look truer to her final vision. These are still pretty much ‘base’ colors, but the palate is much closer to what they should be. The leather of the boots and gloves might be a tad too bright, but I might be able to adjust them to something that goes better with the ensemble and lends a sense of stealthiness to the character.

In Warcraft, there is a special material known as Saronite, and this character is essentially a Wolverine whose bones have been replaced with it. Not entirely unlike Wolverine, it shows up as claws– specifically the ends of her fingers. The Undead in Warcraft are basically all skin and bones, which means she has talons of the Saronite in her system. I’m not sure if the full-body shot is enough to demonstrate it, though. This might call for a close-up of one of her hands.

I’ve asked the player to provide weapon references as well.

Almost finished.

Undead Huntress Pt. 4

Bibi Prog 2.png

I’m establishing the base colors again. This time, I’m using nothing but grouping.

I started out selecting an outline of the linework. Because I went through and emboldened the lines, getting the entire outline at once was relatively painless. After filling that in a solid color (I chose a light blue), I locked the transparency layer. It’s a trick that I learned from my last tutorial. Every separate color is on its own layer for individual parts of the character’s armor, and where the colors meet the outline makes it super easy to fill. It’s where the colors meet one another that requires a bit more attention to detail.

Warcraft – Undead Huntress Pt. 3

The Undead Huntress is coming along nicely.

While I was streaming in Picarto, getting a feel for the medium and working while streaming, I gave the character her face and added flourish to her hood.

Later on, I refined the linework of the rear view of the character.

I duplicated the shoulder elements and parts of of the hip padding and reversed them to fit on the rear view. Gotta work smarter, not harder.

Bibi Prog 2-2

All in all, taking this character to completion has been an exercise in what tools to use and how to organize the layers. I’ll probably get more into that when I finish the piece up and get into coloring, but so far I’m finding it to be a bit more comfortable than before. Preset manager doesn’t always want to cooperate but I’m sure I’m just gumming it up somehow.

That in mind, I’m thinking about ways to branch out. A conversation with a friend lead me to the conclusion that it isn’t unwise to start a Tumblr, even if I only use it to post more stuff and generate traffic through tags.

Warcraft – Undead Huntress Pt. 2

I decided I wanted to redo the lineart of the the Undead Huntress I’ve been working on.  After I did the lineart of the character from the rear perspective while playing with Picarto, I thought it was a good chance to revisit both sets of lines for further refinement. I’m glad I took the time to do so.

Bibi Prog 2


I created a bold outline on the character as well. This should make certain aspects of adding color a lot easier. I anticipate that I’ll be taking an outline of the character, filling it with a solid color, and locking transparency on its layer so I have just the character’s contours to worry about with colors.

I made the outline bold around the pauldron closest to the viewer and the outline of the tabard. Helps break things up. I decided not to bold the outline of the plates on her bracers, though. For some reason, a more sheer outline seemed better for smooth surfaces like that.

Once I actually got to the darker lines, took me maybe 2-3 hours to complete.

Larger Image: Imgur

Edit: I’ll need to redo the straps on her thigh pouches/plates. That is a bag that cannot be opened.