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Baron Sigar Dreadhowl, Architect of the Undying Line


In life, none were more loyal to the crown of Lordaeron than the knight who would follow his prince into undeath.  When the fallen prince of Lordaeron became the Lich King, the knight was made into Sigar Dreadhowl, a Death Knight known for a piercing, soul-shattering wail that rivaled that of any Banshee in the Scourge’s employ.

Although the Lich King would fall, Sigar feigned enmity toward his former master, infiltrating the Horde and waited. Through subtle machination, he convinced a band of heroes– veterans of the Horde banded together to stand against any and all that threatened it– to bring about the return of the Lich King’s unholy reign. They learned too late what their actions had wrought.

They were the first to stand against the ascension of an even more powerful Lich King, and as reward for their valor, were the first to fall.

Rewarded for his duplicity and loyalty, Sigar Dreadhowl was named Baron of the Scourge, bestowed with the Helm of Dominion, and tasked to server as the Lich King’s own right hand.

His first act as Baron of the Scourge– Raising the heroes he had deceived and slain into the Lich King’s greatest champions.

This piece was a long time coming.  Each of these are taking longer and longer to finish. I aim to be swifter from this point out, but I may put this project on ice for a bit and work on some different things that don’t require as much research and planning.

I’ve begun streaming more regularly, and I’m putting most of my new stuff on Patreon where they sit for a week while patrons have first look at them.  Then I’ll upload them here. Here’s how you can keep track of what I’m working on:

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January Sketch Dump

I’m behind again in uploading my sketches.

The idea is that my sketches go on my Patreon for a week and then go public in a week, which is when I should be moving them here.

So let’s get back on that bandwagon, shall we?


These sketches were done during my twitch stream.  I take requests from the audience throughout the night and my patrons over at Patreon.

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Reference for Digital Figurization – Days 3 & 4.

I realized I said I was going to upload more stuff and that was back on Wednesday or something. Oops.

These are the pieces I turned in for additional assignments.

This was for Day 3, which was for an action pose. I took the opportunity to continue adding scenery to my sketches to try and create more completed works. 

Day 4 was for a pose that would eventually be turned into a sculpture for the course I’m starting on Monday. This ended up just being an excuse to do a back study and try some comic-style crosshatching for shading. 

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Reference for Digital Figuration Day 2 – Addie Smith


For day two, I decided to do the opposite of what I did yesterday.  Instead of a male character from a fantasy genre set in an established IP, I did a female character in a sci-fi genre that isn’t set in an established IP.

Her name is Addie Smith. She is mechanic by trade who spends her off hours scavenging. This hobby of hers really took off when she came upon a pair of anti-grav boots that help her scale colossal constructs in ruined battlefields.

After hours of rigorous work, Addie is feeling pretty smug about her plunder.

On another note, I want to push myself to keep doing environments.

Tomorrow I’ll upload the action piece I was working on earlier today.

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Reference for Digital Figurization

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a little busy! I haven’t yet started on my Favreau sketch. Burned through my free days last week by going to the movies two days in a row, got started with a busy work week on Wednedays, dealt with car troubles over the weekend, and now I’m starting a new course as of yesterday– Reference for Digital Figurazation with a professor I admire a great deal.

Collecting reference photos is a skill too few people in this school understand, hence why my professor is conducting this course.

Each day I have to produce a final drawing based on photographic and anatomical references, so I’ll post those:

Here’s Monday’s final piece, my Undead Warrior from WoW

Unrelated, I canned my WoW subscription for a little while.


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Sketch Dump of Elves and Demons

Holding my own in the office this morning. My usual coworker is out sick and the one who came in tonight in her place left a couple of hours ago after the bulk of the work was done. So I’ve been on my own here since about 4AM and had some time to sketch.

I’m being bad. These are purely from my head when I should be sketching from what I see instead. I guess I just felt like drawing some Warcraft elves. The elves are some of my Warcraft toons. The demon was an antagonist for a story I was developing with a WoW guild. His name is Xel’nastar the Revanchist.

Sketched with a ballpoint pen.

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