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Commission Info

Commission Info
All prices are in USD.

Sketches (Clean, Shaded, Uncolored)

Headshot: $15
Bustshot: $18
Waist up: $20
Full Body: $30 

Portrait (Character without background)

Headshot: Base Colors: $20; Shaded: $25
Bustshot: Base Colors: $22; Shaded: $27
Waist up: Base Colors: $25; Shaded: $30
Full Body: Base Colors: $35; Shaded: $40

Reference Sheet 

One Character (Base Colors, full body, front): $30
One Character (Base Colors, front and back): $50
Extra Character details (tattoos, piercings, scarrings) +$5 for two, +$5 for each additional detail
Additional Items (Weapons, Trinkets, personal effects): +$5 for three, +$5 for each additional item
Animal Companion (Base Colors, one angle): +$10


Half body with simple background: $40
Half body with complex background: $60
Companion/Pet: +$10-20

Full body with simple background: $70
Full body with complex background: $80
Additional character: +$40
Companion/Pet: +$10-20

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