Coffin Up Card Artwork

There was a listing for a company here in Indy that wanted some artwork for a card game. Alien Thinkers had an idea for a card game where the objective was to raise the living dead. Right up my alley, naturally.

Artwork for “Curse of the Pharaoh”, empowering Mummy cards.
Art for “Electric Shock”, empowering the Frankenstein cards.

The Gravekeeper was a fun one. The card functioned as a “wild card” of sorts that let you pick from a variety of undead cards outside of their normal conditions. I characterized the Gravekeeper as a kind of witchdoctor/street dealer kind of guy. I had a great time painting the piece, but went overboard. Had to make it more consistent with the art style of the rest of the cards.

Simple artwork for board assets. The Gravekeeper made another appearance, demonstrating how he comes across his wares.

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