Scourge Champions – Dreadscope Motink

There’s usually something that comes through the grave.  For Motink, it was her vanity.  After having her talents for sniping pressed into service of the Scourge and a targeting scope jammed into her eye socket, she was unable to cope with the desiccated husk her body had become and became obsessed with recapturing her lost beauty.

One of her marks had a face that Motink found remarkably beautiful. She caved out her skull with a high-impact Saronite slug and claimed it for her own. Garishly stretched over her rotted visage and bolted into the bones of her skull, Motink relishes in her newfound ‘beauty’.

Was slowed down (putting it lightly) by my courses and projects near the end of the year and being under the weather like twice in a  month.  Really happy with this piece.

The priest reservation opened up, so we’re playing with a Scourge Overlord next up for the DK slot.

So much for that post about the creative process.  Maybe I’ll double-up.  I’m so behind on adding stuff.


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