Scourge Champions – Vylris Reborn: Durin of the Crimson Snowfall

The ill-fated War Against the Lich King was not the first time the Sin’dorei had known the unforgiving landscape of Northrend or the Icecrown Glacier. Many had followed Illidan, the Betrayer, in their bid to destroy the Lich King during the Third War. Many did not return.

Vylris Leysong, proud Blood Knight of Silvermoon City and stalwart vanguard for the Horde, swiftly learned of their fate, only to share it with them. Slain by the San’layn, the vampiric undead risen from the slaughtered ranks of Sin’dorei during the Third War, Vylris was remade into a champion for their cause.

His ruined body and mangled arm were reforged with the shards of the Icecrown Glacier, reinforced with the Saronite from which the Scourge’s strongholds were built. Rechristened in the name of the brother that fell before him, he was known then as Durin of the Crimson Snowfall.

Even with his new existence, he remains torn between the Blood Knight he was, the champion the San’layn wish him to be, and the unfeeling monster he has become.

This piece is overdue but I’m glad it’s finished! Thanks to Vylris for commissioning the work and for his patience with the delays!

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