Scourge Champions – Mythellion the Ley Lich

The Scourge experience a terrifying uptick in their magical might when Mythellion Highbrook, the Sin’dorei scholar studying the ley lines of Azeroth. His considerable magical skill was pressed into service of the undead army, and his boundless curiosity about the ley lines was perverted into an endless hunger for their raw energies.

Leading the Scourge to Coldarra, the dwelling of the blue dragonflight, Mythellion launched a campaign that tore down the floating spires of the Nexus and bear to him the rampant energies it contained. Bathing himself within the streams of arcane energy inside the Nexus, his every rotting fiber was imbued with pure arcane energy, transforming him into a ghost of raw, unbridled arcane power and was reborn as the Ley Lich. Fashioning a harness for himself from the fallen stones of Coldarra’s enchanted spires, he is able to regulate this rampant power in the name of the Scourge.

The first in my series of turning my guildmates into Scourge Champions inspired by the Knights of the Frozen Throne is done! Knocked of a lot of rust off while doing this.

Next is the Paladin piece, commissioned by Vylris!

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