Scourge Champions – Mage: Mythellion the Ley Lich

Been a while since I last updated.

School’s back up again and I’ll be posting up the things I’m working on in addition to coursework.

In the meantime I’m working on an illustration project where I turn members of my WoW guild into Scourge Champions, inspired by the new Hearthstone Expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne.

MythScourgeProgFirst up is Mythellion Highbrook’s transformation into an undying champion of the Scourge. In life, he was a studious elf obsessed with unraveling the mysteries of Azeroth’s ley lines. In death, he is driven to consume them. In his bid to satiate his hunger, he lead the Scourge to invade Coldarra, drive the blue dragonflight into extinction, and bath himself in the rampant energies of the ley lines.
He emerges as the Ley Lich, a powerful undead sorcerer. In order to contain his raw power, he has fastened a harness crafted from Coldarra’s floating stones, girded with the black metal of Saronite, and bound in arcane chains.

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