Figurization for Digital Media (Totally not Sculpting).

Started a new course today. We’re sculpting a maquette to be scanned and ported into Maya or ZBrush. So we’re working with clay to create a humanoid figure. I’m creating the elven assassin that I did from a few posts back because I really liked that character’s musculature and stance.

Sculpt Progress (L) and Reference Sketches (R)

The sculpture will be a nude figure, since we only have about 5 days to model and sculpt the character, so we can’t bog ourselves down with details. A standing pose is required, and since I’m using the same concept I used from last Thursday, I’ve got a lot of the reference legwork done.

We didn’t actually get to sculpting until about 4:15. As a point of reference, our class started at 8:00 this morning. My professor opted to let the class go an hour later (and giving us an hour longer before class starts in the morning) and dude, I got lost in it.

I think I’ve discovered an art form that I will be continuing with after this course concludes. I didn’t want to leave class today and even as I write this post I want to keep sculpting.

The character only looks vaguely female currently. You really only do three things in sculpting: Adding, cutting, and measuring. I anticipate I’ll be cutting the figure down.

Can’t wait to see how we’re going to handle posing this figure.  I’m looking forward to rendering the detail on her torso!

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