Undead Huntress Pt. 5

Bibi Prog3

The character is finally starting to look truer to her final vision. These are still pretty much ‘base’ colors, but the palate is much closer to what they should be. The leather of the boots and gloves might be a tad too bright, but I might be able to adjust them to something that goes better with the ensemble and lends a sense of stealthiness to the character.

In Warcraft, there is a special material known as Saronite, and this character is essentially a Wolverine whose bones have been replaced with it. Not entirely unlike Wolverine, it shows up as claws– specifically the ends of her fingers. The Undead in Warcraft are basically all skin and bones, which means she has talons of the Saronite in her system. I’m not sure if the full-body shot is enough to demonstrate it, though. This might call for a close-up of one of her hands.

I’ve asked the player to provide weapon references as well.

Almost finished.

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