Warcraft – Undead Huntress Pt. 3

The Undead Huntress is coming along nicely.

While I was streaming in Picarto, getting a feel for the medium and working while streaming, I gave the character her face and added flourish to her hood.

Later on, I refined the linework of the rear view of the character.

I duplicated the shoulder elements and parts of of the hip padding and reversed them to fit on the rear view. Gotta work smarter, not harder.

Bibi Prog 2-2

All in all, taking this character to completion has been an exercise in what tools to use and how to organize the layers. I’ll probably get more into that when I finish the piece up and get into coloring, but so far I’m finding it to be a bit more comfortable than before. Preset manager doesn’t always want to cooperate but I’m sure I’m just gumming it up somehow.

That in mind, I’m thinking about ways to branch out. A conversation with a friend lead me to the conclusion that it isn’t unwise to start a Tumblr, even if I only use it to post more stuff and generate traffic through tags.

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