Warcraft – Undead Huntress Pt. 2

I decided I wanted to redo the lineart of the the Undead Huntress I’ve been working on.  After I did the lineart of the character from the rear perspective while playing with Picarto, I thought it was a good chance to revisit both sets of lines for further refinement. I’m glad I took the time to do so.

Bibi Prog 2


I created a bold outline on the character as well. This should make certain aspects of adding color a lot easier. I anticipate that I’ll be taking an outline of the character, filling it with a solid color, and locking transparency on its layer so I have just the character’s contours to worry about with colors.

I made the outline bold around the pauldron closest to the viewer and the outline of the tabard. Helps break things up. I decided not to bold the outline of the plates on her bracers, though. For some reason, a more sheer outline seemed better for smooth surfaces like that.

Once I actually got to the darker lines, took me maybe 2-3 hours to complete.

Larger Image: Imgur

Edit: I’ll need to redo the straps on her thigh pouches/plates. That is a bag that cannot be opened.

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